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Advantages of Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted metals can be virtually "custom tailored" to the specific needs of a given sound deadening application. Engineered products can be fabricated by Rishikesh Electromatic by Knitting one or a combination of widely diverse materials such as all types of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, sophisticated alloys, synthetic polymers, fibers, and yarns.

Knitted metal mesh has both a large surface area of Wire to absorb sound vibrations and a highly controllable percentage of free space. The open space in a mesh can be controlled within a range from 50% to 98% as we are able to knit meshes of a wide range of opening sizes regardless of Wire diameter. These two features are extremely important in noise reduction since the extent of Wire area and air flow resistance are both critical factors.

Additionally, our designers can provide many construction variations, including compressed units, wound units, and drawn and calendered configurations. Like conventional seals or gaskets, these knitted Wire mesh units can be made to fit directly into an existing part.

Our 20 years of experience in manufacturing Machines for knitted Wire mesh and have positioned Rishikesh Electromatic to respond to our customers' ever changing needs. Rishikesh Electromatic application engineers, with over 700 Knitting Machines, have developed numerous specialized industrial applications using knitted Wire mesh. The combination of alloys, polymers, and forming techniques allow an almost endless array of configurations to meet engineered design requirements.

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